5 Star Rating

TrustLaunch's 5-star rating by votes represents users' satisfaction and trust in the platform's ability to securely and efficiently launch new crypto projects.


The "trust tag" for TrustLaunch signifies that the liquidity of tokens is locked for 10 years and there are no unlocked tokens.


The "trust tag" for TrustLaunch signifies that the liquidity of tokens is locked for 10 years and there are no unlocked tokens.

Premium Launch

The "premium launch" for trustlaunch teaches investors how to build trustful relationships through education, private sales, and bonus offerings to ensure a winning ROI for presale investors.

Private Sales

The private sale of TrustLaunch is exclusively offered to VIP members and project investors at discounted prices with a guaranteed return on investment of at least 2 times the launch price.

Successful Investment

TrustLaunch creates a win-win situation for investors by offering profitable opportunities, leading to repeat investments and satisfied investors.

All the Ways We Create Trust….

At TrustLaunch, the investor is the top priority and the goal is to create a community of satisfied and successful investors through maximizing ROI on investment in projects offered on the platform.

TRUSTLAUNCH has a three-tier level system where investors progress and become more sophisticated as they build a relationship with us, creating a community of savvy investors.

0 $

Tier 0

Public Investors

We have no idea who these investors are, and they buy public launches.

1,000 $

Tier 1

Elite Investors

These investors will invest minimum 5 BNB in a project, and they are given access to private sales.

3,000 $

Tier 2

Crown Investors

These investors will invest 10 BNB, and have first access to fill up a private sale.

5,000 $

Tier 3

High Net Investors

These investors can put 10 to 100 BNB on a project.


With each successful investment, our investors earn more trust and a prestigious identity with TrustLaunch. Your wealth is a key metric for determining how successful we are, the richer you get, the more our brand grows.

At TrustLaunch, we've fostered a thriving community of knowledgeable and supportive investors who can help bring your project to life by providing the funding it needs to succeed.

Marketing After Launch

We empower developers to succeed post-liquidity by maximizing ROI for investors. Avoiding the common failure of projects within hours of launch, Trustlaunch offers expert guidance from Michael Bolduc, with a proven track record of delivering an average 50X to 120X returns on each token launch.

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